Some property owners debate whether to rent a property out themselves or go with a property manager. If you have experience with rentals it is probably no big deal renting yourself, but if you haven’t it may be more than you want to take on.  Here are some reasons why a property manager is the way to go.

Market Knowledge

An experienced property manager knows his or her market. They know the various rent rates for the type of property and location. They also know demographics of the potential tenants. This in return can bring in more money to the owner of the property.


A property manager has the resources and knows how to market properties for rent. They usually have contracts with local papers for classified for classified ads. At 360 Property Solutions we have large web marketing plan. We take a lot of photos, and create ads on large national and local websites.  For and owner this would be more time consuming and expensive.

Tenant Screening

This is a difficult one. Unless you have able to perform credit checks and have a thorough rental application, you will not be able to properly screen a tentant. Property managers perform these tasks every day. We have application that tenants fill out with employment and previous landlord information. We also run credit and criminal checks as well. You don't want to find out that you have a bad tenant after the lease is signed. It can cost you alot of time and money.

Knowledge of Laws

A property manager knows the laws of the state and area in dealing with leasing property. Most owners think that since they are renting a property, that they are exempt, but they are mistaken. In Delaware, a copy of the Landlord Tenant Code is to be given to the tenant at the time of the lease. If not, the tenant can plead ignorance of the law. This is one example that most owner/landlords don’t know. There are other matters dealing with security deposits as well.  A property manager knows all of this and will keep you out of trouble.

Dealing with Contractors

When a problem arises at the property and an contractor needs to be called, property managers know who to call. We have good relationships with our vendors, and since they get a lot of business from us, they sometimes give a better rate and may show up a little quicker. This is better for the tenant and the owner.

Tenant Comfortability

Some tenants are more comfortable renting from a management company versus and owner. A lot of times they feel less threatened. I have heard that from some tenants. It may be because the property manager is a middle man between both parties.

Graves Carey
360 Property Solutions
Property Manager

Something that most homeowners don't think about is the unfortunate catastrophic loss or theft. The lose of their home and/or personal items. The chances are slim, but if it happens it is a nightmare. If this occurs there is always a dispute with the homeowner and the insurance company. Insurance does not want to pay you for your loss and what you have suffered though. The best way to combat this is to document the property and the contents.

There are 2 things that need to documented to protect you, the home and its features, and your personal property. The home can be documented with photos or a virutal tour. This will show things such as the cabinets, fixtures, and flooring. You can also show. Your photos should show interior and exterior photos. You may have porch or deck on the exterior. The second thing you want to document is your personal items. Things like TV's, furniture, and jewelry.

The best way to do this is is on a home inventory program. I have found a free program that you can download, It is a great way to easily document your home. You can attach files like photos and pdf's. For instance, you can take a picture of a piece of furniture, and upload that as well as a pdf copy of the receipt. This ensures that if you have loss or a theft all of your belongings are documented and you will get the most from the insurance company.

Graves Carey